Trinity United Reformed Church, St Albans

Our  style  

We enjoy a relaxed, open style of worship. The chairs are arranged in an informal semicircle and there are armchairs for those who need them. We try to maintain a peaceful silence in the five minutes before the service begins. At 10 o’clock the Elder on duty  brings in the Bible to signify the start of worship, followed by someone carrying in the Peace Candle which is placed in the centre of the church. The service is different every week, with hymn and songs, normally from the URC’s hymnbook Rejoice and Sing or from Church Hymnary IV. We will often choose Wild Goose songs. The hymns and songs are interspersed with Bible readings and prayers.  Everyone has a chance to participate, sometimes in congregational prayers, or as a volunteer reader leader of  intercessory prayers.  The music is led on the organ, the piano, the Clavinova or occasionally unaccompanied.

At the end of this part of the service the duty Elder gives out news and notices; anyone can contribute. We then share in coffee and conversation. After this section we sit back down and listen to a sermon which normally concludes with an opportunity to comment on what has been said. Anyone can say something if they want to, and the forum is a safe place to voice anything; we are a questioning church and have no problems with people expressing doubts or discussing controversial opinions.   The service finishes  with a hymn, the Grace, and the Elder carrying the Bible from the church.